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AMSAT-NAAMSAT.ORG Mail Alias Service

The message remailing service on AMSAT.ORG permits users to send each other mail on the Internet without keeping track of each other's Internet address. The remailing service allows each user to receive mail sent to the address, where callsign is that user's amateur radio callsign. Mail sent to that address will be routed first to the AMSAT.ORG host at UCSD in San Diego, then remailed from AMSAT.ORG to the network address specified by the user. In most cases, this process delays the message by only a very few minutes.

To obtain or change a mail alias on AMSAT.ORG, send a message with your request to Be sure to include your callsign and your correct email address. Your request will be processed manually, for now, so the format of your request is not important. You need not be an AMSAT member to obtain a mail alias. Some further details can be found in AMSAT.ORG Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

If you want to find out if a specific amateur has a mail alias on AMSAT.ORG, you can use this Mail Alias Lookup facility.

AMSAT.ORG also offers several mailing lists.

Obsoleted 23 September 2001. Feedback to KB5MU.