Photo Contest!

Phase 3D Model Photo Contest

If you build one of the Phase 3D Model Kits (no longer available from AMSAT), take a picture of the completed model and send it in. I'll add them to the Phase 3D Model Gallery here on the AMSAT-NA web pages. 1/23 Scale Model

How to Enter

If you can use a digital camera or scan in the photo yourself, please do so, and email it to Please scale your image no larger than 640x480 pixels, to keep the file sizes reasonable. I will probably make them much smaller before posting. Use JPEG format to preserve the photographic quality of the image.

If you don't have the facilities to create a file, you can send me a print, negative, or slide by snail mail. I'll scan it in. Include a pre-paid, pre-addressed mailer if you want it back. Email me for my snail mail address.

There's no deadline, but I'll post the entries in the order received.

Your Contribution

By sending in your picture for this page, you grant AMSAT-NA the right to use the picture on its web page, with your name and callsign, and for any other purpose in the future. Thanks!

The Grand Prize

Fame, but no fortune. No judging, even. This is just for fun.

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