AMSAT Field Operations Area Coordinators Page

AMSAT Area Coordinators are volunteers who serve as AMSAT's ambassadors to the Amateur Radio community. They serve in a variety of roles, from making presentations at local clubs and hamfests, to manning booths and conducting demonstrations at hamfests and conventions. Additionally, they serve as local "Elmers", providing technical and operational help to hams in their area.

The AMSAT Field Operations Area Coordinators List is available as a web page. Click on the hyperlink below to view, or right click to download to your computer. The FIND tool in your web browser (Edit: Find (in this page) or Control-F in Internet Explorer; Edit: Find or Control-F in Netscape Navigator) can be used to search the web page for specific states or stations. An Adobe Acrobat version will be added soon, along with other features.

AMSAT Area Coordinators

AMSAT is always looking for new area coordinators. Contact Barry Baines, WD4ASW, AMSAT VP for Field Operations, for more information.

Email WD4ASW -- Due to moving from Florida to North Carolina, Barry, WD4ASW is currently unable to answer your queries immediately, but will respond to you as soon as things settle down.