Y2K Test Results for AMSAT-NA Software

These test results were compiled by Roy Welch, W0SL, w0sl@amsat.org.   See Roy's article,  The Year 2000 Transition: Your PC and AMSAT Software, for details.


Software distributed by AMSAT-NA


This program was not Y2K compliant as of June, 1998. However the author has said that it will be brought into compliance and made available on the TAPR web site before 2000.


This program is not Y2K compliant through version 1.00b and earlier. However a patch or update release will be made available for this popular program by mid-1999.  See also the InstantTrack FAQ.


This program is fully Y2K compliant according to the author. See Dog Park Software's home page.

Nova for Windows

Both the 16-bit and 32-bit versions are fully compliant according to the author.


There is a problem updating the Keplerian elements in versions earlier than 5.01. This has been corrected in version 5.01. All other operations are OK. A work around for the problem in earlier versions is to delete the ELEM?.DAT files and recreate them anew with each update until all Epoch years in the elements are 2000. The program is OK after that until 2078.


This program is not Y2K compliant and the author has said it will not be updated. The program is no longer being distributed by AMSAT.

Satellite Pro

This program is not Y2K compliant in versions issued earlier than June, 1998. The current version is Y2K compliant according to the author. Users having the earlier version will be able to download the required updated file later this year. The original associated Keps/Loader program written by a different author is not Y2K compliant. The author has stated that Keps/Loader will not be made compliant.


No information available.

STSOrbit Plus

This program is fully Y2K compliant with versions 9748 and later according to the author. Updates are available from its web site. The older STSORBIT (not PLUS) program, version 9201, for older PCs has not been tested for Y2K compliance and there are no plans to update it at this time.

The Station Program

This program is fully Y2K compliant according to the author. Updates are available from the AMSAT-NA FTP archives.


The current 16 bit WINSAT program is not Y2K compliant and will be replaced with a 32 bit version which will be compliant.

WiSP 16

This sixteen-bit version of WiSP may not be Y2K compliant. At any rate, it will not be updated. The program has been left in the AMSAT FTP archives with the caveat that it may not be compliant and will be removed at a later date. This will allow the opportunity for Windows 3.1 users to become familiar with the program before being required to upgrade to WiSP32 for Windows 95/NT.

WiSP 32

This program appears to be fully Y2K compliant with version WISP3210 and later. It will continue to be carried in the AMSAT FTP archives.

Tracking hardware distributed by AMSAT-NA

Kansas City Tracker/Tuner

The KCT/T from L.L. Grace Communications has no Y2K compliance concerns and is mentioned here only for the benefit of those users who may wonder.  This unit is still available from AMSAT-NA.


Y2K revisions to the firmware have recently been completed and tested and will be released to the owners shortly, even though new units are no longer being sold.


This unit (once distributed by TAPR) is Y2K compliant as of version 3.50b. The latest firmware is available from the firmware section of the downloadable software page.

Updated September 18, 1999.

Roy Welch, W0SL, is Software Librarian for AMSAT-NA.  Web page conversion and miscellaneous updates by KB5MU.  For more information on obtaining any of the products still being distributed by AMSAT-NA, see the AMSAT-NA Software Catalog.  If you have updated information on any of these programs, please send your updates to w0sl@amsat.org and kb5mu@amsat.org.