AMSAT-NAPhase 3D RUDAK Software Development Photos

These photos were taken in December 1997 by Paul Williamson, KB5MU, on a working visit to the basement lab of Bdale Garbee, N3EUA.

Above is the workstation setup for testing and debugging experiments on the CAN LAN. The two laptops (partially visible behind the chair) are monitoring the simulated downlink. The desktop PC on the left runs the development tools and the EPROM programmer. The PC on the right is monitoring the CAN bus using a plug-in CAN adapter. Barely visible under a cloud of wires to the right of the keyboard is a prototype of the digital section of the Monitor experiment. Monitor's CPU bus is connected to a logic analyzer for heavy-duty debugging of its boot ROM firmware.

Here is a SmartNode board, which is just a node on the CAN bus with a few analog telemetry points. Note the break-off debug port at the left end of the board, connected to an RS-232 cable. The other cable is the CAN bus. The two wires flying off to the right bring DC power to the module in this lab setup. The mysterious-looking objects in the upper right are 3.5-inch diskettes.

Shown here are two copies of the digital section of the SCOPE camera experiment. Two cameras will be on board Phase 3D, so CAN bus debugging is done with two cameras on the CAN bus.

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