AMSAT-NAPhase 3D Lab 1998

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AMSAT-NA's VP of Engineering, Stan Wood, WA4NFY (right), uses a machinist's level to precisely balance the Phase 3D spacecraft in its construction cradle while Lou McFadin, W5DID, P3D Integration Laboratory Manager (far left) and Konrad Mueller, DG7FDQ, AMSAT-DL's Structural Specialist, assist. The "upside-down paint bucket" on the top of the spacecraft is a dummy load that covers the opening of one of Phase 3D's 10 GHz horn antennas during testing.

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Stefaan Burger, ON4FG, uses a rubber-gloved hand to carefully inspect adjacent wire clearances between Phase 3D's 24 GHz (K-band) transmitter oscillator module (upper left) and the satellite's IF Matrix module (lower left). Phase 3D's power switching unit (the satellite's remotely-controlled "power control panel") is shown at top center.

omni.jpg (6171 bytes) Phase 3D's V-band omnidirectional flight antenna is constructed from the same anodized, flexible "carpenter's rule" material that has been successfully flow on a number of previous AMSAT spacecraft.

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Some of Phase 3D's flight-ready electronic modules are visible in this photo of the satellite's Equipment Bay Number 2 during recent integration efforts at the P3D Laboratory in Orlando, Florida. Shown (from top left) are JAMSAT's SCOPE camera experiment and the satellite's second S-Band transmitter. Shown along the bottom (from left) are the spacecraft's receivers for L-Band, S-Band, HF-band, and C-Band.

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A large number of Phase 3D's flight ready communications modules are visible in this photo of Equipment Bay Number 3 taken during recent integration efforts at the P3D Laboratory in Orlando, Florida. Shown (from top left) are Phase 3D's S-Band transmitter #1, along with receivers for U (435 MHz) and V (145 MHz) bands, as well as P3D's V/U-Band RF switching unit. Show along the bottom (from left) are the satellite's U-Band transmitter exciter, U-Band combination modulator/high power amplifier, and V-Band transmitter.

sensor1.jpg (6420 bytes) Phase 3D's stable-mode Sun sensors, shown prior to their final cleaning and installation into the spacecraft. Below, a prototype of the sensor measuring fixture. The sensors help determine the satellite's physical orientation. sensor2.jpg (7525 bytes)
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All photographs by Keith Baker, KB1SF. Image and page preparation by Roy Davis, WB9RKN, and Paul Williamson, KB5MU. Disembodied hands by Stan Wood, WA4NFY, and Gerd Schrick, WB8IFM.