AMSAT-NAPhase 3D Integration Photos

The photos were taken in August and September 1997, mostly by AMSAT Executive Vice President Keith Baker, KB1SF ( Select the small image to see a full-size .JPG image.

Jim White, WD0E, checks out the flight RUDAK experiment just prior to installation into Phase 3D during recent integration efforts at the P3D laboratory in Orlando, Florida. The flight RUDAK module is shown in the lower right portion of the photo. It's the black box on the cart next to the power supply.

Danny Orban, ON4AOD, poses with the fruits of his labors - the 24 GHz final amplifier for Phase 3D. Danny was performing final bench testing of the transmitter at the Phase 3D Lab in Orlando, Florida.

Chuck Green, N0ADI, adjusts the engineering copy of the Internal Housekeeping Unit (IHU) for the Phase 3D satellite at the P3d Integration Laboratory in Orlando, Florida. The IHU is the satellite's main computer. The engineering IHU is being used in the spacecraft during ground tests to prevent possible damage to the flight unit during testing.

The flight backup RUDAK experimental module for Phase 3D is shown here undergoing bench testing at the Phase 3D Integration Lab in Orlando, Florida. The RUDAK module contains 285 screws and nearly 28,000 solder joints!

AMSAT-NA Phase 3D Integration Laboratory Manager Lou McFadin, W5DID (left), and Werner Haas, DJ5KQ, AMSAT-DL Vice President, perform bench checks on one of Phase 3D's flight electronic modules during recent integration work at the Phase 3D laboratory in Orlando, Florida.

Part of the international team that recently assembled at the Phase 3D Integration Laboratory in Orlando, Florida for structural upgrade and electronic integration work on the satellite. The team included participants from seven countries.

AMSAT-DL's Structural Specialist Konrad Mueller, DG7FDQ, does an interim cleaning of the Phase 3D Spaceframe just following major structural upgrade efforts at the Phase 3D Integration Laboratory in Orlando, Florida. The structural upgrade required the removal and re-installation of most of Phase 3D's previously installed electronic components.

Freddy de Guchteneire, ON6UG, performs a final cleaning on the S-Band (2.4 GHz) Transmitter just prior to its installation into the Phase 3D Satellite at the P3D Lab in Orlando, Florida. The transmitter produced a clean 50 Watts output while mounted in Phase 3D during subsequent tests.

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