AMSAT-NAPhase 3D Integration Photos

The photos were all taken in March 1997 by AMSAT Executive Vice President Keith Baker, KB1SF ( Select the small image to see a full-size .JPG image.

Phase 3D's V and U band transmitters and receivers are shown installed into bay 3 of the spacecraft during recent testing at the Phase 3D Laboratory in Orlando, Florida. At top center is the V and U band receiver, while the V and U band antenna switching relays are shown at the top right. Shown along the bottom row (from left to right) are the U-band exciter, the "piggy back" module containing the U-band HELAPS modulator and high power amplifier, and the V-band high power transmitter/amplifier.

Werner Haas, DJ5KQ, AMSAT-DL's Vice President and overall coordinator for Phase 3D's communications suite, makes the very first contact through the satellite via its configuration U/V "transponder" in early March at the P3D Laboratory in Orlando, Florida. AMSAT-DL's Digital Integration Manager Peter Guelzow, DB2OS, was on the other end of the historic contact using a radio located just outside the P3D clean room. During initial tests, the spacecraft's LEILA (strong signal attenuator) was also successfully tested.

AMSAT-NA Phase 3D Integration Laboratory Manager Lou McFadin, W5DID, re-checks the wiring and logic of Phase 3D's Internal Housekeeping Unit just prior to activating and testing some of the satellite's recently installed transmitters and receivers.

AMSAT-NA Assistant VP of Engineering Stan Wood, WA4NFY, puts the finishing touches on one of three V-band folded dipole flight antennas for Phase 3D in preparation for its installation on the spacecraft at the P3D Laboratory in Orlando, Florida.


After a journey halfway around the world from Japan, Yoshiyuki (Yoshi) Takeyasu, JA6XKQ (L) from JAMSAT recently watched as his team's dream became reality when Dick Jansson, WD4FAB (R) successfully installed Phase 3D's flight SCOPE camera experiment into the satellite. SCOPE was later powered up and "first light" received while the camera was mounted on the spacecraft at the P3D Laboratory in Orlando, Florida.

After its successful journey from Japan, the metal shipping case containing JAMSAT's flight SCOPE camera experiment for the AMSAT Phase 3D satellite was firmly buckled into the back seat of its transportation for the short trip from the Orlando, Florida International Airport to the Phase 3D Lab. Needless to say, the P3D integration team took no chances on it being damaged en route, considering it that just the monetary value of the flight camera was worth about twice the value of the automobile it was riding in!

"Proud parents" Michael Fletcher, OH2AUE (L) and Harri Leskinen, OH2JMS, pause during testing of their Phase 3D 10 GHz transmitter and Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) amplifier during recent integration efforts at the P3D Laboratory in Orlando, Florida. The TWT, procured by AMSAT-DL for the project, delivered a clean 60 watts output while installed in the spacecraft.

AMSAT-DL Digital Integration Manager Peter Guelzow, DB2OS (L) and Werner Haas, DJ5KQ, AMSAT-DL Vice President and the person responsible for coordinating the overall communications suite in the Phase 3D spacecraft (R) prepare to install the L-band Command Receiver into bay number 5 of the spacecraft. Their efforts took place in early March at the P3D Lab in Orlando, Florida. The spacecraft's S, H, and C band receivers are also shown already installed just below and to the right of Werner's hands.

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