AMSAT-NA15 More Phase 3D Photos

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These photos show five of the equipment bays in the Phase 3D spacecraft as of December 6, 1996.

[ Side 1 ] [ Side 2 ] [ Side 3 ] [ Side 4 ] [ Side 5 ]

This one shows a view at the corner of bay 4 and bay 5 (shown above).

[ Bay 4 to Bay 5 ]

These photos show the S Band antennas as of February 5, 1997. Stan Wood found that the small discs had to be added in the S-band antenna (at the base of the feed support) to achieve an acceptable axial ratio (the ratio of horizontally polarized signal to vertically polarized signal, or circularity).

[ S-band Dish ] [ S-band Feed ] [ Discs on S-Band Dish]

These photos of the Power Supply Unit were taken on February 6, 1997. The PSU was designed by Lou McFadin, W5DID, and Dr. Karl Meinzer, DJ4ZC. It provides the ability to command the relays that switch in and out the main and auxiliary batteries, and provides the 28-volt power bus, 28VS. This bus is switched on at separation of the spacecraft from the launcher, and powers all the transmitters and firing circuits.

The PSU can also measure the high currents provided to other subsystems. There are five high-current sensors:

The current sensors were designed by Lou McFadid, W5DID.

[ Current Sensor ] [ Current Sensor ] [ Power Supply Unit ] [ PSU Current Sensor for BCR and 28VS ] [ PSU Relay Driver]

In this closeup of the Power Supply Unit, you can see the main power switching relays. These units, donated by Leach, are the same kind used in commercial geostationary satellites.

[ PSU Closeup ]

Updated 9 February 1997. Images reprocessed 2 November 1997 for much smaller file sizes. Feedback to KB5MU.