AMSAT Field Day 2000 Photos

The setup at K4L, the Nashville ARC Field Day 2000.

Satellite antennas at K4RS, the Ft. Pierce Amateur Radio Club.

WB6LLO's grandson Bill with K6HAI's Field Day quadrifilar antennas.

Vince Fiscus KB7ADL working the K7EFA OSCAR station with Bernie Miller N7YY.

The gear at K7EFA's Field Day 2000 - Yellowstone Radio Club.

Bruce Paige KK5DO and Mahana Paige W5BTS - Field Day 2000.

The gear and antennas at Dr. X's Stone Knives and Bear Skins Party Field Day 2000.

Jeff KT2K checks the antennas at NX2Q's Field Day 2000 station.

Ib OZ1MY, Scott OZ1ABA and Bent OZ6BL ponder the download statistics.

Ib OZ1MY at the controls of the analog station.

Lars OZ1FFR and Jorgen OZ7JWP working with the PB software.

Scott OZ1ABA and Ib OZ1MY study the results so far.

Bent OZ6BL, Scott OZ1ABA, Lars OZ1FFR and Erik OZ9VQ in front of the OZ7SAT antennas.  The 7-meter dish is part of the Oersted ground station.

 The station and antennas at W0WTN - Lake Area Radio Klub (Watertown, SD).

The W2LV Sussex County ARC Field Day site in North New Jersey.

Sussex County ARC President Dawn AD2P and John N2HMM at the W2LV Field Day 2000.

An air-conditioned camper made a BIG difference at W5ACM in South Texas.

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