AMSAT-NA AMSAT.ORG Mailing Lists Automated

The following message was posted to the AMSAT-BB mailing list on July 5, 1998 by AMSAT-NA Vice President for Electronic Publishing Paul Williamson, KB5MU.

The AMSAT.ORG mailing lists are now automated.

This change has numerous advantages and a few disadvantages. Please bear with us as we work out the inevitable startup glitches. Please send all comments to me (, not to the mailing list(s).

You don't have to do anything right now. All your mailing list subscriptions will continue without interruption.

You should probably save this message for future reference.

New Procedures

Send all your requests to You can also send AMSAT-BB requests to, SAREX requests to, and so on.

Because you will be talking to a dumb machine, you must use the exact syntax it requires. I won't detail the syntax here. The machine will send you a comprehensive help file if you send it a message it can't understand.

Effective immediately, if you send requests to the old address ( you will just get a help file back. No action will be taken on your request. No person will read your message.

You can contact a human for general issues by sending your message to For AMSAT-BB issues, use the special address And so on.

I realize this is a lot less friendly than the old, manual system. That's one of the reasons I have resisted automation for so long. However, I think we will find that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

New Features

Future Plans

Comments, Please

I am interested to know what you think of all this. Please send your comments directly to me, Don't clutter up the mailing lists with off-topic discussion about mailing lists.

I hope you will find this a change for the better.

73 -Paul
AMSAT-NA Vice President, Electronic Publishing

Updated August 6, 1998