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AMSAT-NA makes available a variety of computer programs of interest to the amateur satellite user. Except as otherwise noted, these programs have all been written by AMSAT volunteers, and the entire net income from these products goes to help support the development, launch, and operation of amateur radio satellites.


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Quick Reference

Station Automation

Satellite Tracking

PACSAT Operation

Telemetry Decoding

Other Programs

Station Automation Programs


This program is the favorite fully-integrated program for operating the digital satellites. It implements both the uplink protocol (like PG) and the downlink broadcast protocol (like PB). It manages all your message files, and your satellite schedule, and drives many types of antenna rotator hardware. If you're operating the Pacsats and you're not running WiSP, you're working too hard!

Download it from the satellites, or from the AMSAT FTP Software Collection, then register it (for non-commercial use only) by making your donation to AMSAT.

Satellite Tracking Programs

SCRAP -- Satellite Contact Report Analysis and Prediction

For Microsoft Windows 98 and up. Recommended minimum system: 500 MHz Pentium CPU or faster, 256 MB RAM, 1024x768 graphics with hardware acceleration, CD-ROM drive. Features include:

For further information and technical support, see the Bytheway's Software Development Lab web page.

This program is open source software under the GPL, but is so large that it is only offered on CD-ROM.

Nova for Windows

For Microsoft Windows 95/NT. System requirements: 386 or better CPU (486 or Pentium preferred) with math coprocessor, VGA or SVGA graphics, 4 MB RAM, 12 MB free disk space. Features include:

For further information, see the Northern Lights Software Associates web page.

This program is commercial software from Northern Lights Software Associates, distributed by AMSAT-NA. A portion of the purchase price goes to benefit the amateur satellite program when you order through AMSAT.

SatPC32 11.4

For Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. See the DK1TB web page for more information and screenshots, and to download a demo version.

Features include:

Note: this program requires Administrator privilege to install under Windows NT/2000/XP.

InstantTrack 1.50

For IBM PC and compatibles. See the InstantTrack page for more information.

See also the InstantTrack Frequently-Asked Questions list.

Features include:

$20 upgrade from 1.00; $30 members; $50 non-members; $200 commercial.

See also the InstantTrack Utilities Disk and the InstantTrack Utilities available on the net.

QuikTrak 5.02

For IBM-PC and compatibles. Requires DOS 3.0 or later. Will run in a DOS window under Windows 3.1, 95, 98, and NT. Comes with both CGA and EGA/VGA maps. Using the CGA maps, it will run in the simplest of PCs. Works fine in an HP palmtop PC but will run much faster in a Pentium. No math coprocessor is required but will run much faster with one. Requires 331K for CGA graphics with no math coprocessor and 772K for EGA/VGA graphics with a math coprocessor. Everything, including documentation, will fit on a single 1.44 meg. floppy disk un-compressed.

If you have QuikTrak 5.0 or 5.01, please upgrade to 5.02 by downloading this QuikTrak 5.02 upgrade and unzipping it in your QuikTrak directory. It fixes some bugs, including one that made AO-40 look like a geosynchronous satellite.

STSOrbit Plus

For IBM PC compatibles. This program is designed to track NASA Space Shuttles and other satellites. It displays the orbital position and projected ground track of the shuttle on a global map during a typical NASA mission. The display attempts to duplicate the wall map in NASA's Mission Control Center. NASA ground tracking stations and Tracking Data Relay Satellites are shown on the map if desired. When used with an EGA or VGA monitor, the display is in color. With CGA and HGC systems the display is presented in monochrome. Orbital data may be entered manually for space shuttle missions, but the NASA/NORAD two line Keplerian elements may be automatically used for all satellites as well as the space shuttle when available. Documentation is contained on the 3.5" diskette.

Telemetry Decoding Programs


For IBM-PC or compatibles. This program has a friendly user interface, file flexibility, the ability to save decoded data and a feature to alert the user when a value is beyond a set of limits. It decodes telemetry from the Microsats (AO-16, WO-18, LU-19 and DO-17) and displays the values in engineering units on the screen. It will also save raw KISS data, ASCII data or the engineering units in files which can be printed later or imported into spread sheets. Files saved with this or other communications programs can also be read in and decoded later. Extensive documentation is included on the diskette.

Other Programs


For IBM-PC or compatibles. UpDown is an Amateur Radio Satellite Operations Aid program. It provides Uplink to Downlink frequency conversions, technical data, history, beacon frequencies, modes available, and other useful information about the satellite. Provisions are included for the user to update the satellite information as he sees fit. It is written to run in an IBM compatible computer equipped with EGA or VGA graphics in color. In it's black and white mode, it will also run on CGA machines. Memory requirements are minimal by today's standards. For the operator just getting started in Amateur Radio Satellites, this program provides a ready reference for valuable information about all of the birds in one convenient place. Both DOS and WINDOWS versions are provided.

InstantTrack Utilities Disk

A disk of utility programs for the IBM-PC or compatibles. InstantTrack users will find some very useful. Pacsat users will appreciate the two KISS related files. The disk contains the following:

Outputs a table of upcoming passes with AOS, LOS and maximum EL.
Rearranges IT's satellite database using your own text editor.
Adds AZ/EL/RANGE to a timestamped ASCII log file.
Displays OrbitDRV antenna angles in upper right corner of screen.
IT-compatible RotorDRV for the WB5IPM controller from QEX (N5BF).
Assembly language source for the dummy RotorDRV.
Specification for the Kansas City Tracker software interface.
Reverse-engineered hardware data on the Kansas City Tracker.
Converts a KISS binary log file to readable ASCII.
Selectively filters a KISS log file by callsigns, etc.

You can also find many of these InstantTrack Utilities here on the net.


This program for IBM-PC or compatibles will read Keplerian element data files in either NASA 2-line or AMSAT format and verify it for accuracy before creating an AMSAT format output with AMSAT checksum value. It is designed to aid those users obtaining Keplerian elements from sources where the data may have been corrupted in route. It also filters out the headers of messages containing satellite keplerian elements. The output file contains only verified and reliable elements. More than one input file can be written to the same output file, allowing you to append data from different satellites (i.e. OSCAR, MISC, WEATHER etc..) into a single output file.


This program for IBM-PC or compatibles provides the user with the capability to convert position/velocity/time state vectors of a variety of formats to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Compatible Two-Line Element (TLE) sets. These element sets contain orbit descriptions compatible for propagation with the Simplified General Perturbations (SGP) and SGP Version 4 (SGP4) orbit theories developed for use by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and United States Space Command (USSPACECOM).

What happened to all the Macintosh programs? The company that publishes them has withdrawn permission for AMSAT to distribute the programs. You can still get them direct from Dog Park Software Ltd.

What happened to all the programs for older computers, like the Apple II, Atari, Commodore, etc? Those programs are no longer available. The demand was nearly zero, and there were no longer any volunteers available to provide support for these older programs. Sorry about that.

You might also wonder about Year 2000 (Y2K) compatibility. Programs with known Y2K problems are no longer offered by AMSAT-NA.

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