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You can order any of the items in the catalog online, or by contacting the AMSAT office. The paper mailing address is:

850 Sligo Avenue, Suite 600
Silver Spring, MD  20910-4703

(U.S. only) 1-888-FBAMSAT (1-888-322-6728)
(anywhere) +1(301)589-6062

(anywhere) +1(301)608-3410

When ordering, please include your full name, your full mailing address, your AMSAT membership number (if any), and your daytime (EST) telephone number (in case there are any questions).

AMSAT accepts credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover). If ordering by credit card, please be sure to include your full credit card number, the type of card, and the expiration date.

If you order by telephone, Martha Saragovitz, AMSAT's office manager, or a volunteer helping out in the office, will be happy to take your order. The office is open during most business hours on the U.S. east coast (UTC-5).

If you're brave enough, you may order by email. This is not particularly recommended, since your credit card numbers will be subject to interception as your mail traverses the Internet. If this doesn't bother you, you may order by sending email to martha@amsat.org. Be sure to include everything you'd include in a paper mail order, including your daytime (EST) phone number in case there are questions.

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