Kansas City Tracker/Tuner

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Download this zip file of the original user's manual, driver and installation software, and interface schematic diagrams.

Software Details

Software is provided with the Kansas City Tracker/Tuner for the following functions:

1) Installation and Setup

2) Rotor Driver, Radio Tuner, and Status Pop-Up TSRs.

These run in the background under DOS and allow the user to review and change radio and antenna parameters through pop-up windows.

3) DOS application program allowing for immediate rotor movement, either specified at the command line or automatically retrieved from a user generated, ASCII text file.

Examples: Movenow PA 90 PB 25 or Point N2REC

4) DOS application program allowing for automated azimuth movement to various positions for specified lengths of time as prescribed by a user generated ASCII text file.

When the Kansas City Tracker/Tuner is used in conjunction with a satellite tracking program, such as InstantTrack, the KCT can read the azimuth and elevation information generated by this software, and keep an antenna array pointed at the satellite during a pass, leaving your hands free. Once the pass is loaded, you can exit from InstantTrack and proceed to run another program such as ProComm.

While most DOS tracking programs control antenna rotors in real time, some programs such as Quiktrak and Orbits, can also generate time/target tables. These can be used by the KCT to automatically control rotors and keep a radio adjusted for Doppler shift while the programs are "off line". Other programs, such as the Windows programs WiSP, Winsat, etc. control both tracking and tuning directly without making a time/target table. The tuning control is most helpful with LEO digital satellites.

Several Windows tracking programs are available which supply a custom driver that can be used instead of the KCT TSR, to allow programmed automatic tracking and Doppler correction in Windows 3.1 , Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT environments.

Tracking packages compatible with the KCT include: InstantTrack, Graftrak, Logsat, Multi Fax, Nova, Orbits, Quiktrak, Realtrak, The Station Program, Winsat, WinTrak, and WiSP32.
Many of these are available from AMSAT-NA's software catalog.