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AMSAT Journal Set 1995-2000

Six years of the official publication of record from AMSAT-NA, The AMSAT Journal, on two CD-ROMs. Six 32-page issues a year, plus the special issue on Phase 3D (AO-40), for a total of 1184 pages of the best information about the amateur radio satellite program. Every page of every issue is included, with all the photographs, the diagrams, and even the advertisements.

On Windows systems, each CD-ROM automatically launches Acrobat Reader (included) and presents pretty menus to help you select the issue you want to view (or print). On other systems that support PDF (Macintosh, Linux, etc.) you can still view or print the PDF file for each issue.

Note: The images on these CD-ROMs were scanned from paper copies. That means the quality of the photos and drawings is a little bit worse than in print. The text has been made searchable by OCR (optical character recognition), but the accuracy is highly variable. The text you will see on-screen, however, is reasonably sharp and quite easy to read. Here's a sample:

Set of two CD-ROMs.



The Amateur Radio on International Space Station (ARISS) Resource CD-ROM (May 2002 edition) contains:

Preview the CD-ROM's index page.

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