AMSAT Balloon Image #1

This is the South Texas Balloon Launch Team's BLT-4 payload undergoing final integration testing. This photo was taken about 12 hours before launch in WA5TWT's garage.

A video camera lens can be seen through a hole in the lower right-hand side of the package. Above the lens is a front-surfaced mirror attached to the package with a hinge and the end of a servo rod. The mirror could be positioned horizontally (as shown) down to forty-five degrees below the horizon. This provided video from zero to minus ninety degrees in elevation during the BTL-4 flight.

Above the mirror is a temperature transducer. The external temperature (along with other data) was telemetered to ground stations on a 28 MHz "Fireball" beacon throughout the flight. There is a 35mm still camera mounted to the opposite wall in an aluminum foil enclosure which took photos every 3 to 4 minutes during flight. Other typical test items such as clip leads, needle-nose pliers, and #807 lubricant can be seen on Mike's work bench.

Updated 3 February 1997.

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