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AMSAT supports High Altitude Balloon projects since their programs seem to complement AMSAT's quite well.

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Balloon Projects on the Web

Boldface type indicates launch activity within the last two years

AHAB - Amateur High Altitude Balloon (Missouri)
AMRAD CinelSAT (Portugal) - in Portuguese
ANSR - Arizona Near Space Research
Atlanta Balloonatics (Georgia)
BEAR - Balloon Experiments with Amateur Radio (Alberta)
Balloons over Argentina
BOREALIS - Montana Space Grant Consortium
CAPSAT - Coordinated Algebra and Physics SATellite (New Hampshire)
Delaware Rockets for Schools
DL0ART/am ARTOB project (Germany)
EOSS - Edge Of Space Sciences (Colorado)
HamBONE - Ham Balloons Over New England (New York)
HABET - High Altitude Balloon Experiments in Technology (Iowa)
HABITAT/SkyLab - High Altitude Basic Investigation Testing and Tracking (Kansas)
High Altitude Glider Project (Canada)
HALO - High Altitude Lift Off (Alabama)
Ilmari (Finland)
ITA - Into Thin Air (New York)
JP Aerospace (California)
KNSP - Kansas Near Space Project
LARG - Loudoun Amateur Radio Group (Virginia)
MABEL - Michigan Area Balloon Experimental Launch
Near Space Sciences (Wisconsin)
NSTAR - Nebraska Stratospheric Amateur Radio
ORB - Oklahoma Research Balloons
Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences (Germany) (in German)
Proyecto TSAT (Mexico) (in Spanish)
RCKARA TRAVELER - Reno County Kansas Amateur Radio Association
SkyQuest (Massachusetts)
ST-BLT - South Texas Balloon Launch Team
TVNSP - Treasure Valley Near Space Project (Idaho)
United States Naval Academy (Maryland)
UMARS - University of Manitoba Amateur Radio Society (Canada)
University of North Dakota High Altitude Balloon Project
Vernon Balloon Experiment (Canada)

Special balloon information sites:

Amateur Balloon Records and Great Plains Superlaunch 2002
HABLIC - High Altitude Balloon Launch Information Center

Scheduled Launches

For the latest launch information, please consult the the appropriate specific project homepage listed above, or the HABLIC central launch information website.

Professional Scientific Ballooning

Here are some balloon experiments that fall more in the realm of "professional" and/or "scientific."

The Art of Scientific Ballooning
Long Duration Ballooning, Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California/Berkeley


NASA Scientific Ballooning Program (GSFC)
National Scientific Balloon Facility - Palestine, TX

Balloon Resources

NOAA Winds Aloft Data from University of Wyoming
Balloon FAQ (N9LTD)

Balloon Related Software

BALLOON TRACK - comprehensive tracking program (WIN 95 and up)
LIFTWIN - balloon inflation, ultimate height, radio range, etc. (WIN 3.1 and up)

BALLTRAK - Flightpath Prediction
ASCENT - Balloon Ascent Rate Prediction

Balloon Manufacturers

Little Balloons

Totex balloons available from:
Kaymont Consolidated Industries, Inc.
21 Sprucetree Lane
P.O. Box 348
Huntington Station, NY 11746
Phone: 1-800-644-6459
Fax: 631-549-3076
E-Mail customer service

Kaysam Worldwide, Inc.
55 Shepherds Lane
Totowa, NJ 07512
Phone (voice): +1 (973) 790-3366
Phone (fax): +1 (973) 790-1275
Email info@kaysam.com

Big Balloons

Raven Industries

Balloon Pictures

Here are just a few images from some balloon project activities.
Click on "thumbnail" to load larger picture. It may take some time to load.

Image #1 Image #2
Image #3 Image #4
Image #5 Image #6

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