Footnotes for Microsat Operations with the PK-232

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1. PB.EXE, PG.EXE and related programs are available from AMSAT-NA, 850 Sligo Ave. #600, Silver Spring Md 20910 (telephone 301-589-6062). Written by Jeff Ward, G0/K8KA, University of Surry, Guildford, Surry, U.K. They are also available for download from here.

2. TAPR (Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Corporation), P.O. Box 12925, Tucson Az 85732-2925 (telephone 602-749-9479).

3. Comments, station and throughput data from K6OYY, KB5MU, KI6QE, N3CPX, W6SHP, WH6I, WB5EKW, WB6LLO and VK2BKQ.

4. The Satellite Experimenter's Handbook, 2nd edition, 1990, by Martin R. Davidoff, K2UBC. Published by the ARRL and also available from AMSAT.

5. The PACSAT Beginner's Guide. Published by and available from AMSAT-NA.

6. AMSAT Journal, AMSAT-NA's bi-monthly publication for all members.

7. AMSAT-UK, 94 Herongate Road, Wanstead Park, London E12 5EQ, England (telephone 081-989-6741) Contact them for a list of their publications.

Article by Howard Sodja, W6SHP. Feedback to KB5MU.