AMSAT-NA Satgen Subject Index:
Visual Observation

6    14May89*  Visuals of Mir via Midnight Sun
93    7Jan91   Salyut7 and using NASA Kep elements with care
110   6May91   Shuttle STS-39 UHF. Mir Visuals by Midnight Sun
262   2Apr94   Satellite Spotter X
281  13Aug94   Satellite Watching
325  17Jun95   Watching STS/Mir Dock
328  08Jul95   Mir Visual Timetables
331  29Jul95   Satellite Archeology Part 1
332  05Aug95   Satellite Archeology Part 2
383  27Jul96   AO-13 Visual
451  15Nov97   Earth Observation
460  17Jan98   Visual Misconceptions
535  26Jun99   Space Station Viewing
599  16Sep00   Sat Beginner 2000
600  23Sep00   ISS Tracking
618  27Jan01   ISS and Mir

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