AMSAT-NA Satgen Subject Index:

33   15Nov89*  Solar Flare damage. PSK. NGC. BSB
107  15Apr91   HF Sats and Solar Flux
116  16Jun91   Sun versus Satellites
131  29Sep91   The 11 year DX cycle
297   3Dec94   Our Changing Sun
321  20May95   In Orbit Pt 5 The Sun
364  16Mar96   Sunspots and Satellites
421  19Apr97   Solar Activity
428  07Jun97   Solar Warning
448  25Oct97   Lighten our Darkness
454  06Dec97   Solar False Alarms?
456  20Dec97   Satellites in Drag
512  16Jan99   Sunspots are Coming
513  23Jan99   Sunspots are Coming 2
533  12Jun99   Our Variable Star
543  21Aug99   Damage to Satellites
564  15Jan00   Solar Variations
571  05Mar00   RsDX Theory v Practice
581  13May00   RS13 Ionospheric Probe
592  29Jul00   An Ill Wind
615  06Jan01   The Sun also rises
627  31Mar01   Sol. Not So Quiet
630  21Apr01   Auroral Transients

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