AMSAT-NA Satgen Subject Index:
Space Experiments

8    24May89*  Scintillation studies using Polar Bear. Mir notes
122  28Jul91   Why not HF Cosmonauts
153   1Mar92   Radio Amateur Experimenter Myth
154   8Mar92   ZL experiment on RS12
181  12Sep92   Satellites. Experiments or Communications?
271   4Jun94   SpE Experiment
285  10Sep94   Satellite Experiments
331  29Jul95   Satellite Archeology Part 1
332  05Aug95   Satellite Archeology Part 2
373  18May96   FFTDSP Experiments
374  25May96   Why Fourier Transforms
375  01Jun96   Why FFTs Part 2
386  17Aug96   Mode A/K Satellite Experiments
461  24Jan98   Space Propagation Pt. 1
477  15May98   A Titanic Experience
512  16Jan99   Sunspots are Coming
601  30Sep00   Waiting for P3D
612  16Dec00   Global Climate Watch
648  25Aug01   Space Experiments

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