AMSAT-NA Satgen Subject Index:

27    4Oct89*  Cosmos 1686. VLF Space noise. Pacsats. BSB
35   29Nov89*  Shuttle. NASA Keps. Salyut/1686. Intruder
78   24Sep90   Shuttle information good and bad
91   24Dec90   Shuttle Flight schedule. Uosat3. Meteors
101   1Mar91   Shuttle over Glasgow
108  22Apr91   Low Earth Orbit Sats. Glasgow Shuttle
109  29Apr91   Project Juno. Glasgow Shuttle
110   6May91   Shuttle STS-39 UHF. Mir Visuals by Midnight Sun
123   4Aug91   Space Mission Communications
127   1Sep91   High Flying Shuttle STS-48
139  24Nov91   Shuttle Very Low Frequency Experiments STS-45
144  29Dec91   Space Shuttle Programmme 1992
152  23Feb92   Shuttle meets Mir
155  15Mar92   Talking to the Cosmonauts or Astronauts
179  30Aug92   Apology. Kitsat. STS 47. Mars
216  15May93   Faraday and Astronaut/Cosmonaut Communications
325  17Jun95   Watching STS/Mir Dock

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