AMSAT-NA Satgen Subject Index:
RS-10/11 RS-12/13

90   17Dec90   Mir QSOs, AREM, Mir Microwave. RS10. RM1
92   31Dec90   General satellite operating
103  18Mar91   HF Supersats RS10 RS12
104  22Mar91   HF Supersats part II
106   8Apr91   HF Supersats III
107  15Apr91   HF Sats and Solar Flux
131  29Sep91   The 11 year DX cycle
135  27Oct91   Some satellite problems
146  12Jan92   Radio Sport RS12
147  19Jan92   RS12 Advanced User
149   3Feb92   RS12 DX Bonanza
150   9Feb92   The Eastern Challenge
154   8Mar92   ZL experiment on RS12
157  29Mar92   Distorted Satellite and Ionospheric drawings
173  18Jul92   Satellite HF
175   1Aug92   Satellite Problems
176   9Aug92   Satellite Review
191  20Nov92   9600 bps. Techsat1. Comet. RS12
193   5Dec92   Comsats and Beacons in Low Earth Orbit
204  20Feb93   Russian Space Scene
205  27Feb93   The Sun and Radio Communications
208  20Mar93   Guide to Sat/Surface Transpolar Propagation
256  19Feb94   HF Propagation - Cause and Effect
263   9Apr94   HF Satellites and Aurora
272  11Jun94   Satellite Profile No1 RS12
273  18Jun94   Satellite Profile No2 RS10
386  17Aug96   Mode A/K Satellite Experiments
390  14Sep96   Satellite HFDX Propagation
392  28Sep96   Analog Satellite Operating
394  12Oct96   Satellites in Shadow
403  14Dec96   RS12KT Easy Sat Part 1
404  21Dec96   RS12KT Easy Sat Part 2
405  28Dec96   RS12KT Easy Sat Part 3
429  14Jun97   Happy Anniversary RS10
430  21Jun97   Anomalous Propagation
431  28Jun97   Preparing for Sat DX
432  05Jul97   Prepare for Sat DX Part 2
433  12Jul97   Prepare for Sat DX Part 3
434  19Jul97   Prepare for Sat DX Part 4
453  29Nov97   Predict Subhorizon DX
550  09Oct99   HF Propagation Studies
551  16Oct99   HF Propagation RS13
552  23Oct99   RS13 Sub Horizon DX
555  13Nov99   Track RS13 SubHorizon
560  18Dec99   Doppler = Vital Evidence
564  15Jan00   Solar Variations
571  05Mar00   RsDX Theory v Practice
573  18Mar00   RS13 Auroral Explorer
575  01Apr00   The Auroral Oval
576  08Apr00   The Auroral Oval 2
581  13May00   RS13 Ionospheric Probe
586  17Jun00   Ionospheric Mayhem
588  01Jul00   One Man's Summer
592  29Jul00   An Ill Wind
593  05Aug00   Doppler 4 (HF Sats)
598  09Sep00   Interference on RS13
605  28Oct00   29MHz sats FM Menace
607  11Nov00   Strange Propagation
613  23Dec00   Holiday Cheer
626  24Mar01   SatPropagation Study

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