AMSAT-NA Satgen Subject Index:

159  12Apr92   Interference on Amateur Satellites
160  19Apr92   More satellite interference
161  25Apr92   Amsats interference. Geosat information
162   3May92   Radar Interference with Amsats
175   1Aug92   Satellite Problems
184   3Oct92   Radar QRM RSGB Silence
296  26Nov94   Satellite Problem No9 Interference
370  27Apr96   Satellite Phone QRM
392  28Sep96   Analog Satellite Operating
426  23May97   Spread Spectrum QRM?
483  27Jun98   Satellite Listening
519  06Mar99   Birdies and Artifacts
598  09Sep00   Interference on RS13
605  28Oct00   29MHz sats FM Menace

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