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Re: ISS Ops

Dee schrieb:
> I was reading the bulletin about the ISS making contacts this past
> weekend.  Has there been a change in the operating uplink for the
> regions??
> The bulletin states that you must uplink on 145.200mhz.  I know that the
> past contacts uplinks were region dependent.
> Anyone know the actual uplinks they are or will be listening to??
> 73,
> Dee, NB2F
> Dee Interdonato
> 118 Westervelt Place
> Lodi, NJ 07644
> 973-772-8229

Hello Dee

I found the following in the ANS Weekly Status Report:

Available Modes and Frequencies:
Worldwide 2m packet uplink:     145.825 MHz FM 1k2
Worldwide 2m packet downlink:   145.825 Mhz FM 1k2
Worldwide 70cm packet downlink: 437.550 Mhz FM 1k2 [<-- typo: "uplink"]
Worldwide 70cm packet downlink: 437.550 Mhz FM 1k2

Region 1 voice uplink:          145.200 MHz FM
Region 2/3 voice uplink:        144.490 MHz FM [<- should answer your question]
Worldwide downlink:             145.800 MHz FM

Crossband Repeater:
Repeater Uplinks:              1269.650 MHz FM
                                 437.800 MHz FM
                                 145.990 MHz FM - 67.0 PL (Kenwood)
Repeater Downlink:              145.800 MHz FM
                                 437.800 MHz FM (Kenwood)

SSTV Robot 36:
Downlink:                       145.800 MHz FM


Regards, 73
     Thomas Frey, HB9SKA

   Thomas Frey, Holzgasse 2, CH-5242 Birr, Tel. + Fax: 056 444 93 41

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