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KEDR/ARISSat-1 SK, last call for reports


Our busy satellite reentered sometime early on 4 January, 2012.  The last
telemetry was received at 06:02:14 UTC with the temperatures showing very


It was not expected that Space Command would do a TIP, but they did, so we
have relatively good information on where it ended.  Note the impact window
is still 6 hours, but that the telemetry report narrows that to about 4.

Report Date/Time	2012-01-04 04:28:00 GMT
Predicted Decay Time	2012-01-04 07:00:00 GMT  +/- 3 Hours
Predicted Decay Location	12.7° S, 354.3° E
Direction	ascending
Inclination	51.6°
Revolution Number	2411
High Interest Object	N
Final Report

The predicted impact point is an open part of the South Atlantic, well west
of Angola.

If you heard the satellite, even briefly, after 0600 UTC, or you did not
hear it after that date and you have been regularly hearing it, please let
me know.  This will help confirm the actual impact point.

For those who have been involved with telemetry collection, and the Chicken
Little Contest, please give us a couple of days to get things together
before we make formal announcements.  Thank your all for your efforts!


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