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Re: Last chances to hear ARISSat-1 are rapidly approaching.

Alan P. Biddle schrieb:
> All,
> A reminder that if you have been putting off working through the ARISSat-1
> repeater, receiving SSTV pictures, or submitting telemetry, the next few
> weeks will be your last opportunity to be a part of this satellite's
> history.  Since deployment in August, ARISSat-1 has descended about 60 km,
> and is currently losing more than 1.5 km per day.  The rapid rate is
> partially the result of the recent solar activity on the atmosphere,
> significantly increasing the drag.  The predictions by several individuals
> and groups are all converging toward a reentry in January or February, 2012.
> Heating will become significant before then.  Remember, good telemetry in
> this period provides invaluable information to the engineering team, to be
> used in future projects.
> The orbit period changes about 30 seconds per day, and that will increase
> steadily.  Be certain to update your tracking program Keps from Space-Track
> or CelesTrak before each pass.  They issue revised versions 3-5 times daily.
> As the descent continues, this will become even more critical to copying the
> telemetry beacon, especially unattended.
> 73s,
> Alan

Hello All

With the program SatEvo by Alan Pickup I calculated the re-entry date
December 27 2011 with Kepler data
1 37772U 98067CK  11331.09098689  .00238223  00000-0  11065-2 0  3555
2 37772 051.6354 054.9663 0005738 050.5984 016.1987 15.82161046 18004

I also calculated an apogee hight of 328 km and a perigee hight of
320 km.


Mit freundlichen Grüssen, Regards, 73
     Thomas Frey, HB9SKA

   Thomas Frey, Holzgasse 2, CH-5242 Birr, Tel. + Fax: 056 444 93 41

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