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2011-06-27 ARISS Status

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) Status Report
June 27, 2011

1. Upcoming School Contact

An Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact has been scheduled for the Youth Hostel "La Foresta" in Perugia, Italy on Friday, July 1 at 14:48 UTC. Panda Adventure organizes summer camps for youth, ages 11 -14, that focus on space education. The program is strengthened through the cooperation with ESA /ESRIN that provided the camp with educational materials.  Activities include field researches, experiments, use of technical instruments, and games to explore the Earth and Sky and to research solutions to save our planet.

2. Japanese Contact Successful

On Tuesday, June 21, an Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact was held between Nankan 4th Elementary School in Tamanagun, Kumamoto, Japan and on-orbit astronaut Satoshi Furukawa, KE5DAW. There was a delay in making contact, but once established, the students got in nine questions. This unique activity supplemented lesson plans about amateur radio technology and the International Space Station mission.   An audience of approximately 100 attended the event which was covered by 5 newspapers and 5 television stations, including NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation).

3. ARISS International Team Teleconference Held 

The monthly ARISS International Team meeting was held on Tuesday, June 21. Topics covered included the upcoming ARISS Face to Face meeting in October and a status on the ARISSat-1 satellite, designated KEDR in Russia.  Minutes have been posted: https://www.rac.ca/ariss/arisstel2011-06-21.htm

4. News of U.S. ARISS Proposal Process Distributed

The NASA EXPRESS message sent on June 16 included an item on ARISS contact opportunities for U.S. schools using the new proposal process. Also made aware of these opportunities were other U.S. education organizations such as Solar System Ambassadors, Space Grant Community, INSPIRE, WISH, Endeavor Fellows and the Museum Alliance.

5. Astronaut Training Status 

Don Pettit, KD5MDT, and André Kuipers, PI9ISS, were given an ARISS preflight session on June 22.  The two astronauts hope to participate in ARISS contacts during their flight with Expedition 30 which will launch in November 2011.

6. ARISS Items in ARRL Letter 

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) ran two ARISS items in its June 23 ARRL Letter.  The first story is about the astronauts who recently passed their amateur radio Technician exams and were issued call signs. This piece is titled "NASA Astronauts and Astronaut Candidates Earn Amateur Radio Licenses."  The second item is titled "Field Day from Space: International Space Station Could be Active for ARRL Field Day."  Both stories may be viewed at: http://www.arrl.org/arrlletter?issue=2011-06-23

7. AMSAT Covers ARISS Proposal

The AMSAT (Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation) News Service June 26 bulletin (ANS-177) included another announcement about the new ARISS proposal process for U.S. schools. "July 15 Deadline to File ARISS Contact Proposals" may be found here: http://amsat.org/pipermail/ans/2011/000526.html

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