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ARRL and AMSAT as US Representatives to ARISS

With the recent discussion surrounding representation in the ARISS program,
several questions have been bouncing around my head.

As to ARRL...what is their investment in, or commitment to the ARISS
program. I ask because their formal representation to their members is
minimal as noted from this month's ISS status report:

"...ARRL QST Covers ARISS News

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) published two small ARISS (Amateur
Radio on the International Space Station) related news items in its
September 2009 issue of QST. One item pointed readers to the article on the
Garriotts, "Two Generations of Hams in Space" that ran in The Bridge,
printed by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Honor Society.  The
second item was a notice to readers that space shuttle Endeavour carried
three astronauts to the ISS who are hams and would be doing ARISS
educational activities.

The ARRL monthly journal has a circulation of 150,000."

And secondly, as to AMSAT's regard for the ARISS program...why has there
always been an extreme effort to separate the bulletin board messages
concerning the ISS by isolating it's content to the SAREX board as AMSAT is
indeed a major representative of American amateurs concerning ISS/ARISS
matters and as a result any pertinent information should be available to all
AMSAT members?

I think these are fair questions...


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