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Re: FW: AMSAT-BB Digest, Vol 4, Issue 401

Hi Frank...

I don't want to take sides this early in the game but your statement:

"...Let me also be clear that MAREX as a team was not singled out.  Only Miles. So if MAREX had thoughts or proposals, they were and are welcome to share them with the ARISS team.  And, if there are other members of MAREX, besides Miles, that wanted to attend future meetings, I would expect that they probably would be allowed to attend.  As long as they abide by the space agency rules.  (But remember, I don't make those decisions)..."

Seems to be contrary to the following note:

> From Gaston Bertels ARISS Chairman
> Hi Miles,
> By decision of the ARISS Board, participation to ARISS-i meetings is limited to delegates from the Member Societies and observers nominated by these societies.
> USA member societies are the ARRL and AMSAT NA.
> Only these societies can nominate participants to the ARISS-i meetings.
> Best regards
> 73
> Gaston Bertels, ON4WF

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