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Re: Lets go back to simplex voice

Hi Pat...

Think about it for a second...their radio is listening on the voice
frequency any time they want it to...if they choose to answer they don't
know it's crossband ...it's built into the radio.

They just have to be on the "voice" channel, which to us is crossband, not
to them.

If you want to kick the UNPROTO/APRS guys off their 145.825 frequency, that
is a completely different matter. Just say so.


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> Hi kenneth- please reread my message, if they hear us calling MAYBE they
will answer, as it
> is they dont hear us to get interested, chicken and egg. Be the solution.
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>  >What difference does simplex vs. split make if the crew doesn't want to
answer? Activity
> occurs regardless of frequency operation when a crew member shows interest
in making
> contacts.
> Kenneth - N5VHO

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