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ISS on Field Day 2

Hi again:

I posted the question?yesterday about the availability of ISS on Field?Day because we are less than 20 days away, and normally someone would be asking, sometimes it's the only time when?contacts are possible. Plus?viewing the latest Shuttle Mission info?I realized that there could be a great possibility that ISS can be on-the-air. I remember on FD 2004 I worked Mike Fincke with the KP4ES call on the first pass on Sunday, and on the second the others worked with their callsigns (and were pretty exicted, even have a small video of it).

If by any means the ISS is not on the air, at least will try to give a shot on the other birds, and will follow the info on the cubesats.

Thanks again,

Angel Santana - WP3GW
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