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ISS cross band

Hello to all.

Yesterday i posted to say that i heard the crossband repeater active
some other hams pointed out to me, that the ISS was active on packet at the
same time.

i also noticed that my signal report was removed from issfanclub.comovernight.

There was another late night pass that i could prob have worked, but it was
during my sleep time :) so i didnt try then.

I have just tried again now, and found it to be active. 0640hr utc pass over

so what is the story?? i could hear myself.......... but only when the ISS
came into view... so it wasnt an operator error.

I understand that this mode is experimental, with 145.99 uplink and 437.800
This mode seems nice, as i dont need high power or big antennas to get in.

Can the equipment on board support both modes at the same time?
And is anyone interested in trying a qso with me on future passes?
next pass is low elevation for me (approx 15deg) so should be workable for a
little bit. due at 0820hrs UTC (thereabouts)

nothing much else usable till tommorrow, and i read Kenneth's notes about
the EVA, so it might be off soon anyway.

thank you all in advance.
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