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2nd/final report from Hanna, IN

Hi all,

Wow!  Awesome, wasn't it?  I guess its now over, as Richard announced 
this was his last pass (1818 UTC, 23 Oct) before shutting down the 
radios to prepare for departure.  I would like to express my thanks to 
all of those involved who helped Richard make this mission such a 
"radio-active" experience on both voice and SSTV.  It was a blast!

Unfortunately, I had some issues with my computer recorder and did not 
get every pass after my last report (and nothing at all on 22 October). 
  But here is a log of dates/times/callsigns for voice QSO's that I do 
have on file.  If anyone needs an audio clip, please drop me a note at 
w4sv at arrl dot net .  I will be glad to double-check any of my 
recordings if you think you made a contact but are not listed here 
(please give date and time, as close as possible).  I have omitted the 
log of SSTV pics received this time... but there were many.

Stan W4SV
Hanna, IN

17 October 2008 (times approximate but very close)
1231Z: WA4SCA (with Mike Fincke, NA1SS)
1232Z: ? IDI  (with Mike Fincke, NA1SS)

1538Z: school QSO in progress at AOS
1541Z: K8DID Ron
1543: KD8CAO
1544Z: K9SM Scotty
1547Z: 13A

18 October 2008 (times approximate but very close)
1919Z: KC9ELU Mike southeastern Indiana
1921Z: KC8RAN Joe Cleveland
1923Z: WF1F Miles
1924Z: WK
1926Z: PSC, NA4PSC?

19 October 2008 (times approximate but very close)
1319Z:K5LBJ School QSO in progress
1324Z: W2ABG
1325Z: WB9L, WB8OTH Perry
1327Z: KA1DLK southwestern Vermont
1328Z: WY1U
1329Z: F (fox)

1632Z: K0KD Perry
1633Z: N7RYW Bill
1634Z: VE4AMU Winnipeg
1635Z: W9ORW Bob
1636Z: ?DID Green Bay fan, N0MUA  Dave Kansas
1637Z: N8DZM Dan
1638Z: WF1F
1640Z: ?QRP

1808Z: VE5G?, VE5EI
1809Z: K6EL northern California
1810Z: VE5CEM Chuck, KC5TER
1811Z: N9TAX, NM3M
1812Z: KC5TER Eddie
1814Z: Richard calls for WF1F
1815Z: KA1DLK, WF1F
1816Z: ?PCR, KA1SON Rick Massachussetts
1817Z: N2DY

2120Z: KL7MF
2121Z: KO9LR
2122Z: AA5PK
2123Z: WD4LHD, J7WAN Jeff
2124Z: KE5ZW, WA5KBH
2125Z: XE3ISS

20 October 2008 (times approximate but very close)
1211Z: W5DZ College Station, New Orleans, K(E)5RTL JoAnne Lafayette
1212Z: KI5T
1213Z: AK5V Bob Ft. Worth, N5ZNL Mississippi, NM42
1214Z: N8MH, VKS (VI4KS) Tennessee
1215Z: KI4ZKS
1216Z: N4ISS Al, WA3SWJ outside Washington
1217Z: N4ISS

21 October 2008 (times approximate but very close)
1725Z: VA7DG, VE3JJA Woody
1726Z: VE5GZ Gary
1733Z: NX1Z
1734Z: WF1F

1900Z: VE5SWL
1901Z: VE5CEM
1902Z: VE5MJ, W3XO Bill
1903Z: WD0EQP Gene Nebraska
1904Z: K9SM Scotty
1906Z: WA4NVM
1907Z: ?XT, N3TL
1908Z: N8DDK
1909Z: N5UXT New Orleans
1910Z: K5NDX

No recordings on 22 October 2008

23 October 2008 (times approximate but very close)
1508Z: K7VK Vick, ?JAM
1509Z: KC5, WB9Z Illinois, KE0LX
1510Z: AB5XK, KC2FZD
1511Z: W8CO, N0MUA
1512Z: W2DPT, VE3TVV
1513Z: VA3HM VA3H? Brian VA3HAW
1514Z: KC2PCF, VE3DWI Tony
1515Z: N2MTH, VE1?

1642Z: W0TUP North Dakota
1643Z: VE4AHZ
1644Z: KC9NGZ, N0ORU
1645Z: VE4QZ, KD0FCY Rick, K9SM
1646Z: VE3DBP
1647Z: KD8JAM, K3LTM
1648Z: students at K3LTM
1649Z: W2ET?

1818Z: KG7P, k0T
1820Z: VE3KHQ (repeat), KA9ERV Indiana
1821Z: KC9NGZ Wisconsin
1822Z: KC9EIZ, K0RJS Ron
1823Z: N0UOE
1824Z: W4CMB
1825Z: KS4RX, W5KSI
1826Z: VE3IJD Gene, KN4F
1827Z: WA1QDP, N4WTF west central Florida
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