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Re: [amsat-bb] ISS silent!

On 21 Oct 2008 at 15:43, Nigel Gunn G8IFF/W8IFF wrote:

> How about:
> The guys have work to do and playing ham radio comes second to earning a crust and paying the bills.
On 21 Oct 2008 at 10:24, Ransom, Kenneth G. (JSC-OC)[B wrote:

I'll go with a simple idea...he got busy with his Earth observation
photography over N. America (I know he had some particular sites of
interest to photograph) and forgot to set up the radio for unattended
> Kenneth - N5VHO

> Luc Leblanc wrote:
> > No SSTV or phone contact has been heard on the 1425 pass here. I guess some issues developped up there? any ideas?

It is not in my usual habits to act as a devil's advocate...but if we want to see another marvelous experience as the one conducted by 
Richard Garriott W5KVQ did we will have to wait for the next Ham space tourist with 16 millions to spend on a ride?

As Nigel says if the guys are too busy having  to work for earning their crust and paying the bills or as Kenneth says they got busy with 
their Earth observation photography over North America or as i said in a past thread  "making soap bubble experiment ".  I don't know what 
the next plans will be as this one seems to be put in place when the stars and planets conjunctions and alignments where favourable! 

Again i have the greatest respect for what's the guys are choosing to do in their spare time in space, but i'm only questioning myself on 
the outcomes. Who will be the next HAM millionaire to fly in space?  Still don't know why Bill Gates never ask for a ride yet?

P.S. Just remember "It is not in my usual habits to act as a devil's advocate.."


Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE


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