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Richard Garriott report: the first 3 days

Hi all,

Below is my log so far of ISS contacts and SSTV pics from Oct 14 - Oct 
16... received from my home in Hanna, Indiana (near Chicago).  I have 
been using a computer VOX recorder since the beginning of W5KWQ's 
mission and have audio files for all the activity in my log.  If you 
made a voice contact and would like a copy of the audio that I received, 
please email me off the reflector at w4sv at arrl dot net

Hope everyone is enjoying this special mission as much as I am 
(especially since I got a voice QSO at 1652Z today!).  I also copied 
Richard's dad, Owen W5LFL, back in 1983, although I did not make a 
contact back then.  You can hear an SWL copy of W5LFL (and the 2-way 
QSO's that I have made) on my website at 
http://www.mistymountains.us/w4sv/space.html .  My QSO from today is not 
yet on the web, but I'll get it on there soon.

73 and Good Luck to all,
Stan W4SV

14 October 2008 (times approximate but very close)
1423Z: N4AC, Randal, north side of Atlanta, GA - Richard acknowledges 
first QSO from space!
1427Z: W4TNJ, Warren, Virginia
1733Z: W8BYC, Matt, Sister Lake Elementary School - Richard acknowledges 
third QSO from space
1736Z: VA3H? (mobile?)
1737Z: N1MDZ
1737Z: N1QFY, Rick, Maine
1907Z: VE4MU - corrected to VE4AMU, Winnipeg
1915Z: WB3E

15 October 2008 (times approximate but very close)
1311Z: SSTV
1315Z: SSTV
1445Z: XE1AO
1446Z: NG9Y, Bob, southeastern Indiana
1448Z: W6SRJ
1449Z: SSTV
1452Z: SSTV
1620Z: SSTV
1624Z: SSTV
1628Z: SSTV
1757Z: School QSO in progress (Austin, TX) - no earth callsigns heard
1801Z: W8BYC, Valery
1802Z: N9CHA, Greg, Illinois
1803Z: K8YSE
1804Z: N1MDZ, (?) Middle School, Maine
1805Z: VE1AMA
1933Z: SSTV
1937Z: SSTV
1939Z: SSTV
1942Z: Richard asks, "Did I hear a call from Norway?"
1942Z: K8Y (Richard asks for rest of callsign)

16 October 2008 (times approximate but very close)
1336Z: K5MBH
1336Z: 5PTN
1337Z: Austin (Texas, I assume)
1337Z: ZWD0ACD, Austin
1338Z: Paul
1340Z: SSTV
1344Z: SSTV
1513Z: SSTV
1516Z: SSTV
1520Z: SSTV
1647Z: School contact in progress, Marika(?), Jane, Ricky or Rikea(?), 
Abby(?), comm check w/W6SRJ
1651Z: K9SM
1652Z: W4SV
1653Z: K3SZH, Joe, Pennsylvania
1654Z: KE5ATA or KA5ATA
1655Z: N8MS
1656Z: ZCF
1826Z: SSTV
1829Z: SSTV
2002Z: SSTV
2006Z: SSTV

Passes in range, but nothing heard:
14 Oct: 1553Z, 2042Z, and 2217Z
15 Oct: 2108Z and 2244Z
16 Oct: 2135Z only
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