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Re: Are you ready for SSTV from ISS?

Hi all

I was testing my equipment at 16:57 UTC for the
scheduled ISS SSTV test (on the following orbit),
when I heard CW tones, and then the typical SSTV tones.
WOW. I jump from the chair. I couldn't belive it!
I received a perfect robot 36 still image, and
when I thought the surprises were over, I recieved
a near perfect live image using Martin 1 WOWOWOWOW.
See all on my blog http://ct1eat.blogspot.com/

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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Enviado: domingo, 12 de Outubro de 2008 17:50
Assunto: [sarex] Re: Are you ready for SSTV from ISS?

> Hello all,
> I just spoke with Sergei at 16:46 UTC and asked him if he would try the 
> today.  While he was going to turn it on, he was just about LOS on the 
> east
> coast.  Just before he went LOS, he told me that he would try it on the 
> next
> US orbit.
> The next pass is only a 10 degree inclination, so it will mostly favor the
> northern part of the US and Canada.
> Good luck all, and get you SSTV programs cued up!
> Tom

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