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ARISS event - Delta Researchers Schools 2008, Space Expo,Noordwijk, the Netherlands, Friday (May 23) at 13:59 UTC

An International Space Station Expedition 17 ARISS school contact has
been planned with participants at the Delta Researchers Schools 2008,
Space Expo, Noordwijk, the Netherlands on 23 May. The event is scheduled
to begin at approximately 13:59 UTC.

The contact will be a telebridge between stations NA1SS and WH6PN. The
contact should be audible over Hawaii. Interested parties are invited to
listen in on the 145.80 MHz downlink. The participants are expected to
conduct the conversation in English. Audio from the QSO is planned to be
fed into the EchoLink *AMSAT* (101 377) and *JK1ZRW* (277 208) servers
during the contact.

We are at Space Expo in Noordwijk, in the west of the Netherlands today
with twelve Dutch primary schools. The schools all participate in the
Delta-project. This project is a cooperation of the Dutch ministry of
Education, Culture and Science, the European Space Agency ESA and NASA.
The schools participating in the project use the themes of space and
space exploration to teach science and technology. There are 3 children
of each school present, they are between 7 and 12 years old. The
children thought of questions for the astronaut as part of the project.

Participants will ask as many of the following questions as time allows:

1. If you are in space for a long time and you can't take a shower or
open a window, does the space station start to smell bad? 
2. What happens with steam from boiled water in space? 
3. Where do you get water from? 
4. I have braces because my teeth are crooked. I have to wear them for
nearly one year. If you had braces in space, would they straighten your
teeth faster? 
5. Is your voice different in space? 
6. What do you do if a fire breaks out in the space station? 
7. What do you have to do to stay strong? 
8. If an astronaut becomes seriously ill in space, what happens? 
9. Do magnets work in space? 
10. What do you eat in space, what is your favourite food and how do you
11. What is the temperature outside the space station like? 
12. Has it always been your dream to become an astronaut? 
13. When orbiting the earth, you can see where it is day and night. Do
you notice a difference between day and night on the space station? To
which time on earth does a clock on the space station correspond? 
14. Does the sun shine more strongly in space and do the stars look
different from the space station? 
15. Do you notice that you are moving very fast on board the space
station? And during a space walk, do you notice it then? 
16. Do things grow faster in space than on earth? (e.g. children,
plants, hair, nails?). 
17. Can you see atmospheric pollution and the hole in the ozone layer
from space? 
18. Do you miss your family very much? 

Information about the upcoming ARISS contacts can be found at
http://www.rac.ca/ariss/upcoming.htm#NextContact . Packet is transmitted
on 145.825 simplex.

Next planned event(s): 

ARISS is an international educational outreach program partnering the
participating space agencies, NASA, Russian Space Agency, ESA, CNES,
JAXA, and CSA, with the AMSAT and IARU organizations from participating

ARISS offers an opportunity for students to experience the excitement of
Amateur Radio by talking directly with crewmembers on-board the
International Space Station. Teachers, parents and communities see,
first hand, how Amateur Radio and crewmembers on ISS can energize
youngsters' interest in science, technology, and learning. Further
information on the ARISS program is available on the website
http://www.rac.ca/ariss  (graciously hosted by the Radio Amateurs of

Thank you & 73, 
Kenneth - N5VHO 

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