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STS-120 Crew Preparing for Docking


*STS-120 Crew Preparing for Docking*
15 October 2007

The STS-120 crew has begun rendezvous operations in preparation for a 
docking with the International Space Station at 8:33 a.m. EDT.

About an hour before docking, Commander Pam Melroy and Pilot George 
Zamka will guide the shuttle through a back-flip maneuver that will 
allow the Expedition 16 crew to photograph the shuttle’s protective 
heat-resistant tiles. The imagery will be sent to engineers on Earth for 

+ View docking animation 
+ View rendezvous animation 
+ View rendezvous pitch maneuver animation 
+ View shuttle approaching the space station animation 

After Discovery docks, the shuttle and station crews will conduct 
pressure and leak checks before the hatches between the two spacecraft 
open at 10:33 a.m. The crews will greet each other and quickly begin 
joint operations.

One of the first major tasks is the station crew rotation. STS-120 
Mission Specialist Daniel Tani will switch places with Expedition 16 
Flight Engineer Clayton Anderson, who will return to Earth on Discovery 
wrapping up a four-month tour of duty as an Expedition crew member. Tani 
is scheduled to stay on the station until he returns to Earth with 
STS-122 later this year.

Also, preparations will begin today for the first of five scheduled 
STS-120 spacewalks. The first spacewalk is set to kick off at 6:28 a.m. 

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