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Station Reboosted; Crew Preps for Soyuz Relocation

24 September 2007

*Station Reboosted; Crew Preps for Soyuz Relocation*

Astronaut Clay Anderson works on a valve in Destiny labImage above: 
Flight Engineer Clay Anderson works on a valve in the Destiny Lab of the 
International Space Station. Credit: NASA TV :  TO VIEW IMAGE GO 

A busy week of science, maintenance and preparations aboard the 
International Space Station kicked off Monday with a reboost of the 
orbital complex.

On Monday afternoon, the Zvezda Service Module's engines were fired to 
raise the space station to the correct altitude for the upcoming Soyuz 
TMA-11 and Space Shuttle Discovery dockings in October.

Earlier Monday, Flight Engineer Clay Anderson conducted a ham radio 
session with students at the Heidelberg University for Applied Sciences 
in Heidelberg, Germany.

Over the weekend, Anderson conducted a "Saturday Science" session with 
the Analyzing Interferometer for Ambient Air (ANITA) payload. Developed 
by the European Space Agency, ANITA determines concentrations of up to 
32 different trace gases in the station's atmosphere.

With the Progress 25 undocking on Sept. 18, the aft port of the Zvezda 
service module is open and ready for the relocation of the Soyuz TMA-10 
on Thursday. The relocation opens up the Zarya nadir, or earth-facing, 
port for the arrival of Expedition 16 in its Soyuz TMA-11 on Oct. 12.

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