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NASA Anniversary,Shuttle Crew and Science Highlighted at NextFest

> Sept. 11, 2007
> Grey Hautaluoma
> Headquarters, Washington 
> 202-358-0668 
> grey.hautaluoma-1@nasa.gov
> Asa Fenton
> Bite Communications
> 510-388-3401
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> WASHINGTON - NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale will unveil the 
> agency's 50th anniversary logo and participate in an X PRIZE 
> Foundation announcement at WIRED Magazine's NextFest at the Los 
> Angeles Convention Center, Sept. 13-16. The agency will showcase its 
> current and future technologies, and NextFest attendees can meet the 
> crew of the most recent space shuttle flight.
> WIRED NextFest features the latest innovations in products and 
> technologies in many areas where NASA plays a leading role.
> Dale and astronaut Scott Kelly will introduce the space shuttle's 
> STS-118 crew, including mission specialist and former educator 
> Barbara R. Morgan, at NextFest's opening ceremonies on Education Day, 
> Sept. 13, at 10 a.m. PDT in the South Hall Plaza. Education Day is 
> open only to school groups and members of the media. Morgan and the 
> other crew members of the STS-118 mission will sign autographs 
> throughout NextFest in the Exploration Pavilion.
> Deputy Administrator Dale will participate in an announcement 
> regarding the X PRIZE Foundation at the X PRIZE stage at 10:30 a.m., 
> Sept. 13. She will unveil the NASA 50th anniversary logo at 12:30 
> p.m. at the mini stage in the Exploration Pavilion. Apollo astronaut 
> Buzz Aldrin also will speak.
> Throughout the show, attendees can see a see a four-foot model of 
> NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. The observatory is designed to 
> study the faint light from objects at the farthest reaches of space 
> and time and is targeted for launch in 2013. 
> NASA will exhibit a 3-D panorama of Mars and demonstrate the 
> all-terrain technology in the current Mars rovers. Visitors can learn 
> about experimental rovers that are helping scientists learn how 
> robots could evaluate potential outposts on the moon or Mars. 
> A video camera and monitor display from NASA's Stratospheric 
> Observatory for Infrared Astronomy will reveal remarkable temperature 
> changes in the infrared spectrum on the faces of visitor volunteers. 
> An interactive assembly project features Constellation, NASA's next 
> generation of human spacecraft. Many other mission-oriented NASA 
> activities also will on display.
> For more information about NASA missions, visit:
> http://www.nasa.gov 
> For information about NextFest, visit:
> http://www.wirednextfest.com
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