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Crew Begins New Week of Science


*Crew Begins New Week of Science*

ISS015-E-26252 : Clay Anderson with SAME hardwareImage above: Flight 
Engineer Clay Anderson works on the Smoke and Aerosol Measurement 
Experiment (SAME) hardware setup located in the Microgravity Science 
Glovebox (MSG) in the Destiny laboratory of the International Space 
Station. Credit: NASA - TO VIEW IMAGE GO 

The Expedition 15 crew members kicked off a new week of science and 
maintenance aboard the International Space Station as they prepare for 
next week's departure of a Progress cargo craft and the arrival Space 
Shuttle Discovery in October.

In the Destiny lab, Flight Engineer Clay Anderson worked with the 
computers in the EXPRESS rack, swapping out a laptop computer and 
loading software. The EXPRESS rack is a standardized payload rack system 
that transports, stores and supports experiments aboard the space station.

Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin and Flight Engineer Oleg Kotov worked with 
PILOT, a Russian experiment that tests the cosmonauts' proficiency in 
manual spacecraft control during long-duration spaceflights.

Yurchikhin later stowed unneeded items in the docked ISS Progress 25 
cargo craft. The Progress will undock from the station Sept. 18 and burn 
up in the Earth's atmosphere.

Engineers in Moscow and Houston are performing safety analyzes for the 
upcoming retraction of Zarya's solar array wings. While Space Shuttle 
Discovery is docked to the station during the STS-120 mission, the 
station's starboard radiators will be deployed, followed by the port 
radiators shortly after Discovery departs. To avoid physical contact 
with the radiators, the Zarya arrays must be completely retracted. The 
date for the retraction has not been determined.

Over the weekend, Anderson conducted a "Saturday Science" session with 
the Smoke Aerosol Measurement Experiment (SAME). The results of SAME 
will help scientists improve smoke detectors on future spacecraft.

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