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STS-118 Crew Continues Countdown Demonstration Test


*STS-118 Crew Continues Countdown Demonstration Test*

STS-118 Mission Specialist Dave Williams checks the fit of his launch 
and entry suit.
Image above: STS-118 Mission Specialist Dave Williams gets help with his 
boot during fit testing of his launch and entry suit. Photo credit: 
NASA/George Shelton
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07.18.07 - 9:00 a.m. EDT*
The seven-member crew of STS-118 is at Kennedy Space Center in Florida 
this week for the terminal countdown demonstration test, a final round 
of prelaunch training that concludes with a simulated launch countdown 
for the crew and the launch team.

Today's test activities include several briefings and an emergency 
egress walk down for the flight crew at Launch Pad 39A. During this 
exercise, the astronauts receive training on the slide wire basket 
system that would carry them safely from the pad in an emergency. 
Commander Scott Kelly and Pilot Charlie Hobaugh will continue their 
practice flights aboard the shuttle training aircraft this evening.

Space Shuttle Endeavour arrived at Launch Pad 39A early July 11, and the 
STS-118 payload -- including the S5 truss, SPACEHAB module and external 
stowage platform 3 -- is secured inside the orbiters payload bay. Launch 
is targeted for the evening of Aug. 7.

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