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Re: Future ISS amateur radio modes

Some interesting suggestions for operations. Keep them coming. I'm
always looking for fresh ideas and many of these are already under
consideration for future implementation. 

Regarding the sub audible tone idea - I like the thought but that will
only work on the Kenwood D700. The VHF and UHF Ericsson units are not
reprogrammable and as such would not send the tone when the crew used

Regarding the drive for packet - I suspect that comes from the fact that
there are several crossband repeater style satellites available (SO-50,
AO-51 and VO-52)  and very few easily accessible packet satellites
orbiting. PCSAT is only functional in full sun, ANDE and RAFT require
significant ground stations and will be deorbiting in a relatively short

Ideally, each radio system on ISS will support a unique operation so
that nearly everyone would have something to play with. Currently, the
Kenwood radio is being used as a prime radio for everything. That means
changing it from one mode to the next a lot. The simplest switch is from
voice to packet (3 steps). Activation of the crossband repeater is
(unfortunately) a 27 step process and therefore is crew intensive. That
is a major driver in it's activation. 

Once the planned hardware is aboard and installed, having each system
dedicated to a specific operation will minimize the need for mode
changes and crew interaction. There  will be more unattended modes of
operation available for longer periods of time. When a crew member
wishes to be active, they will have several options to do so but should
they not want to be active, they just turn the volume down and the
unattended operations will not suffer as they do now.

Kenneth - N5VHO

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