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ISS Status Report: SS07-13


> Mar. 16, 2007
> John Yembrick
> Headquarters, Washington 
> 202-358-0602
> Kelly O. Humphries
> Johnson Space Center, Houston
> 281-244-5050 
> HOUSTON - The Expedition 14 crew was busy this week moving trash into 
> the ISS Progress 23 cargo ship, installing a new window on the space 
> station and preparing for upcoming missions to the station. 
> The new window was installed on Wednesday on the port side hatch of 
> the Unity node. It is fitted with a berthing camera system that 
> includes target markings on the outside of the hatch. This will help 
> robotic operators align and dock the station's new elements. 
> The window's installation was part of the crew's work to ready the 
> station's Pressurized Mating Adapter-3 (PMA-3) for its relocation 
> later this year to Unity's Earth-facing port. This was the second 
> hatch window installed by an Expedition crew. A similar window was 
> installed by Expedition 6 crew members on Unity's starboard hatch. 
> Space Station Commander Michael Lopez-Alegria and Flight Engineer Suni 
> Williams also temporarily relocated a "wall" of collapsible water 
> bags to allow them access to PMA-3 and provide access to some of the 
> station's computer cables, allowing the two to install new, upgraded 
> cabling. 
> Lopez-Alegria and Williams emptied all the items stowed in PMA-3 
> except for a spare Bearing Motor and Roll Ring Module, which was tied 
> down for the adapter's robotic relocation later this year. The 
> apparatus is used to help the solar arrays swivel, or gimbal, to 
> point to the sun for the generation of electricity. 
> Additional work included preparations for the April 9 arrival of the 
> Expedition 15 crew and U.S. spaceflight participant Charles Simonyi 
> aboard Soyuz TMA-10. The ISS Progress 23 thrusters were fired on 
> Thursday for 12 minutes, 32 seconds to lift the station into the 
> correct orbit for rendezvous and docking of the Soyuz. This orbital 
> boost also provided the correct trajectory for landing of the 
> Expedition 14 crew members and Simonyi aboard Soyuz TMA-9 on April 
> 20. 
> Other tasks included preparation for the March 29 relocation of the 
> Soyuz TMA-9 spacecraft from the Earth-facing port of the Zarya module 
> to the aft port of the Zvezda Service Module. As a result, the Soyuz 
> TMA-10 will not need to perform the maneuver to reach Zarya as its 
> final destination. 
> In addition, the crew prepared for the undocking and discarding of the 
> ISS Progress 23 cargo ship, the station's giant trash can, on March 
> 27. 
> To ready the station for the STS-117 mission, Williams began 
> photography practice for space shuttle Atlantis' Rendezvous Pitch 
> Maneuver. She and her new Expedition 15 crewmates will take photos of 
> Atlantis' heat shield as it performs the slow, 360-degree 
> nose-forward back flip 600 feet below the station. 
> Tyurin this week completed photographic observations of Earth as part 
> of the Russian "Uragan" Earth-imaging investigation and monitored 
> radiation inside the station for another set of experiments. He 
> tracks data on three different experiments that monitor cosmic rays 
> and background radiation. 
> Next week, Lopez-Alegria and Williams will conduct some of the work 
> required to install the station's new integrated station computer 
> network. This new system is ten times faster than the station's 
> current local area network (LAN) system. It will use Ethernet 
> connectivity over a router through either cable or wireless 
> equipment, thus eliminating drag-through cables from the U.S. segment 
> into the Russian segment. Installation of the LAN originally was 
> planned for the Expedition 15 crew. However, the STS-117 launch delay 
> prompted station managers to advance the LAN work to save time during 
> Expedition 15. 
> For more about the crew's activities and station sighting 
> opportunities, visit: 
> http://www.nasa.gov/station 
> -end-
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