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Heads of Agency International Space Station Joint Statement


NASA News wrote:
> Jan. 23, 2007
> Michael Braukus
> Headquarters, Washington 
> 202-358-1979 
> PARIS - The heads of the International Space Station partners, space 
> agencies from Canada, Europe, Japan, Russia and the United States, 
> met at European Space Agency Headquarters in Paris, France, on 
> January 23, 2007, to review ISS cooperation. 
> In their discussions, the Heads of Agency noted the significant 
> accomplishments of the partnership in implementing the space station 
> configuration and assembly sequence endorsed at their last meeting in 
> March 2006. Among the milestones acknowledged by the Heads of Agency 
> were reestablishment of three-person ISS crew and re-initiation of 
> station assembly activities; three extremely challenging Space 
> Shuttle missions with outstanding extravehicular accomplishments by 
> American, Russian, Canadian and European astronauts; continued 
> exceptional performance of the Canadarm2 including, on-orbit 
> operation by a Canadian astronaut; and the uninterrupted flow of 
> Russian Soyuz and Progress vehicles that provided essential crew and 
> cargo delivery and return. Successful completion of these assembly 
> activities has paved the way for the planned arrival of Node 2 
> followed by two new laboratories, the European Space Agency Columbus 
> module and the Japanese Experiment Module Kibo, as well as the 
> Canadian two-armed Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator Dextre 
> within a year.
> The Heads of Agency reviewed the status of current ISS development, 
> configuration and operations activities across the partnership. 
> Transportation capabilities, including the European Space Agency 
> Automated Transfer Vehicle, the Japanese H-2 Transfer Vehicle, the 
> Russian Soyuz and Progress vehicles, the U.S. Space Shuttle, 
> Commercial Orbital Transportation and Crew Exploration Vehicle were 
> discussed. Also the timely achievement of a six person crew and 
> completion of space station assembly were reviewed. 
> The Heads of Agency expressed their continued appreciation for the 
> outstanding work by on-orbit crews and ground support personnel to 
> bring the space station to its full productive capacity. They 
> acknowledged the strength of the partnership that characterizes the 
> ISS and the importance of international cooperation in achieving 
> mutual objectives in the exploration and utilization of space. 
> For more information about the International Space Station, visit the 
> Internet at: 
> http://www.nasa.gov/station
> -end-
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