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On-Orbit Station Construction Continues


*On-Orbit Station Construction Continues*

The International Space Station grew Tuesday when the STS-116 crew 
installed the P5 integrated truss segment. The P5 was attached at 5:45 
p.m. EST.

The construction work was performed by STS-116 spacewalkers Bob Curbeam 
and Christer Fuglesang and robot arm operators Joan Higginbotham and 
Sunita Williams. The P5 spacer segmentís attachment to the P4 sets the 
stage for the addition of the P6 and its set of solar arrays.

Two more spacewalks are scheduled during STS-116ís stay to reconfigure 
and redistribute power generated by the stationís newest solar arrays. 
The spacewalks are set for Thursday and Saturday.

The P5ís installation is not the only change that the station has 
undergone since Space Shuttle Discovery docked Monday. Williams, who 
arrived at the station with the STS-116 mission, replaced European Space 
Agency Astronaut Thomas Reiter on the Expedition 14 crew at midnight 

Williams will remain a member of Expedition 14 until Commander Michael 
Lopez-Alegria and Flight Engineer Mikhail Tyurin are relieved by 
Expedition 15 in March 2007. Williams will finish her remaining time of 
her six-month tour of duty on the station as a member of Expedition 15 

Reiter will wrap up a five-month stay on the station when he leaves with 
STS-116 next week. He arrived at the station in July with the STS-121 
mission to give the station its first three-member crew since May 2003. 
He was a member of Expedition 13 until Expedition 14 began its tour of 
duty in September.

The crew rotation became official when their custom-made seatliners were 
swapped out in the Soyuz spacecraft docked to the station.

Also, the Expedition 14 and STS-116 crews will conduct a week of joint 
operations. In addition to the spacewalks, they will transfer cargo 
between the vehicles. Discovery and its crew are scheduled to stay at 
the station until Dec. 18.

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NASA and the Russian Federal Space Agency have named two astronauts and 
two cosmonauts to the next International Space Station crew, known as 
Expedition 15. Astronauts Clayton Anderson and Daniel Tani will travel 
to the station next year and work as flight engineers. Cosmonauts Fyodor 
Yurchikhin and Dr. Oleg Kotov will spend six months aboard the orbiting 

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