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Windows XP time sync


In getting ready for the two ARISS contacts this morning, I noticed the two 
of my Windows XP computers showed time about one minute different between 
the two computers.  When I tried to synchronize time by going to 
settings/control panel/date and time/internet time and do "Update Now", it 
failed with both of the time servers given there.

I put in the time server:  time-A.timefreq.bldrdoc.gov  (letter L in small 
in bldrdoc) and it worked.  Now these two computers have the same and 
correct time again.

I thought you may want to know, for accurate ISS tracking purposes, 
especially during ARISS events.

73 de Dieter kx4y

Dieter K. Schliemann,  kx4y - zs6bbh - hs0zcn
ARISS EchoLink audio feed team member

1803 Roseberry Drive,  Scottsboro,  AL  35769-3960,  USA
Home Phone - (256) 259-3900
Cell Phone   -  (256) 599-0581 (only on when away from home)
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Skype user ID:  zs6bbh

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feeds into EchoLink, please send me an e-mail to that effect and will be 
glad to oblige.

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