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Wanted: VIDEO astronaut McArthur at AMSAT Symposium!!

Hello All,

Astronaut McArthur is invited for the Amsat symposium in San Fransisco.
McArthur shall talk about his amateur radio adventures during his mission
in the ISS Space Station.

McArthur worked 130 DXCC countries, and all states (WAS) of America.

Sadly I can not join the Amsat symposium.
I wonder if there is someone who can record (good quality) VIDEO + AUDIO during
McArthur his speech.
After the Amsat symposium I hope someone can send me the video on a CDROM so
I can also put the video on my website where everyone can download the video.

Keep in mind: McArthur his mission was an unique event for thousands of hams
all over the world!!! (keep something from the history saved for the future!!!).

In the past we helped McArthur with our NA1SS DXCC campaign.
We have encouraged many (also rare) DXCC countries and asked them (via e-mail) to 
trie McArthur NA1SS.
It was a great success, after many hams have sended enthusiast e-mails and were
proud of their contact with an astronaut in a Space Station, some hams came from rare
DXCC countries (or continents) where noone ever have made a contact with
a Space Station before.
Look here NA1SS worked DXCC´s: http://www.issfanclub.com/dxcc 

In case you want to record McArthur on VIDEO + AUDIO please let me know!!!
Send an e-mail to: isszarya@hotmail.com

73's Cor PD0RKC
ISS info: http://www.pd0rkc.com

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