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ISS Status Report: SS06-042

> Sept. 28, 2006
> Allard Beutel
> Headquarters, Washington
> 202-358-4769
> John Ira Petty
> Johnson Space Center, Houston
> 281-483-5111
> After six months aboard the International Space Station that included 
> arrival of two space shuttle missions, resumption of construction of 
> the orbiting laboratory and the restoration of a three-member crew, 
> Expedition 13 landed at 9:13 p.m. EDT in the steppes of Kazakhstan. 
> Commander Pavel Vinogradov and NASA station science officer Jeff 
> Williams landed in their Soyuz TMA 8 spacecraft about 50 miles 
> northeast of Arkalyk. Russian recovery forces and NASA officials 
> arrived at the site shortly after the spacecraft touched down. The 
> Soyuz undocked from the space station at 5:53 p.m. EDT.
> The crew will spend several weeks in Star City, near Moscow, for 
> debriefing and medical examinations.
> With Williams and Vinogradov was Spaceflight Participant Anousheh 
> Ansari, who flew to the station with the Expedition 14 crew and spent 
> eight days there. The American businesswoman went to the station 
> under a contract with the Russian Federal Space Agency.
> During their mission, which launched March 29, Vinogradov and Williams 
> were joined by Thomas Reiter, a European Space Agency astronaut from 
> Germany. He became the first non-Russian, non-U.S. long-duration 
> station crew member. He will remain aboard as part of the Expedition 
> 14 crew until December when he returns to Earth on the next space 
> shuttle flight. 
> Two successful spacewalks were conducted during Expedition 13. The 
> first was by Vinogradov and Williams in Russian spacesuits and the 
> second by Williams and Reiter in U.S. spacesuits.
> Vinogradov and Williams welcomed Space Shuttle Discovery astronauts 
> and Reiter during the STS-121 mission to the station in July. In 
> September Space Shuttle Atlantis' crew on the STS-115 mission brought 
> and installed the station's integrated P3/P4 truss segments. 
> Expedition 14 Commander Mike Lopez-Alegria, Mikhail Tyurin and Reiter, 
> now are on their own aboard the station after a week of handover, 
> maintenance and some science activities. Vinogradov and Tyurin 
> replaced a major component of the Elektron oxygen-producing device, 
> which malfunctioned shortly after Atlantis departed.
> The device was activated Sept. 16 and functioned for about three hours 
> before shutting itself off. Further troubleshooting is planned.
> The next status report will be issued Friday, Oct. 6, or earlier if 
> events warrant. For more about the crew's activities and station 
> sighting opportunities, visit: 
> http://www.nasa.gov/station
> -end-
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